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La Strange is an Italian rock singer born in a little village in northern Italy. Her strong motivation, natural talent and passion together with a powerful stage presence and un-ending commitment to her music are her main qualities. 

La Strange started her career as a vocalist, singing in local cover bands where she began to build a reputation that led to work as a session singer for various dance productions. Along side this she began writing her own songs and taking the first steps to realising her dream. She continued performing her own material at many well attended gigs, earning herself a loyal following before meeting up with UK Producer James D. Bell in September 2009. A meeting that led to a development  deal with All Out Music UK through which La Strange was born. 

“That was the turning point I'd been waiting for,” the singer says. 
”Our original plan was to record and release an EP”. The first two songs recorded were: ‘Keep Goin’ on’ and ‘Far away’ and the goal was to create arrangements that would retain La Strange’s rock passion but also offer it up in a fresh, innovative and edgy way that would draw the listener into her darkly gothic and romantic soul. It took a couple of months to finish these arrangements, but the sound was great and they were so happy with the results that nobody wanted to stop there!  

The session continued and four more songs were recorded, ‘Enjoy All Their Lies’, ‘In The Silence’, ‘The Perfect Husband’ and ‘Give In To Me”, a Michael Jackson cover that the singer wanted to record both in tribute to his untimely death and because it was his music that inspired her the most during her childhood.
The final four songs recorded would complete what had now become an album project, ‘You Finally Have knocked Me Down’, ‘Control’, ‘Queen of Disguise’ and ‘I’m Addicted to Some Thoughts’.

All the lyrics are about La Strange's experiences, her intimate feelings and her past. Sometimes they’re a little explicit because they deal with important themes like domestic violence, but they are truthful and sincere.

“When you live for years, hiding constantly behind a mask, at some point you need to express all those feelings that you kept secretly for so long. For some reason you want to, and you need to share your ghosts. Music has always been my favourite way of escape, and I think it's the best vehicle to find balance between reality and dreams.”

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